Why aren't my Myzone members receiving workout summaries?

This typically happens when your Myzone PC is offline--if you see a cloud with a X in the upper right corner, you will need to reconnect to the internet.

Workouts that are missing or delayed are generally caused by a Myzone PC that is OFFLINE. Luckily, any workouts performed near a Myzone PC that is offline will upload in full as long as the PC is not suddenly rebooted or unplugged before reconnecting. 

If your member's workouts are uploading but with errors, please see: Workout Upload Issues: Gaps in Graph, Doubled Workouts, etc.

If your Myzone PC is offline, you or your members might notice:

  • Tiles display as normal, but with a CLOUD and RED X icon in the upper right corner.
  • Tiles display and workouts track as normal, but members are not receiving the summary in their app or email. 
  • Summaries appear in the app and email, but with a delay ranging from hours to days. 

I have great internet. Why would my Myzone PC go offline? 

  • The facility changed passwords or switched providers without updating the Myzone PC. 
  • There is an obstruction between the Myzone PC and the internet router.  
  • Strong weather conditions or power fluctuations. 
  • There is more demand on the internet and speed may need to be increased.

How to bring an offline PC back online: 

NOTE: If you have a Stick PC, you will need your wireless keyboard to complete these steps. Please locate this and turn it on. It has a rechargeable battery that may need to be charged up before use.


Step 1: the Myzone software, tap anywhere on the display to access the main menu. Scroll to the bottom and tap on Unlock Admin. Type in the admin password (owner), then tap on Exit Myzone.



Step 2: Once you exit the Myzone software, you will be on a Windows desktop. In the bottom right corner, select the WIFI cone to find your club's WIFI and internet networks.



Step 3: Connect to your desired WIFI network.



Step 4: Once you have reconnected to your WIFI, relaunch the Myzone software by tapping on File, then Launch Myzone from the Myzone Update Manager box. 


Any stored data will begin uploading to your member accounts now. 


How to prevent your Myzone PC going offline: 

  • Open a browser on your Myzone PC to fast.com and run a speed test. If your internet speed is 2mpbs or smaller (1 Mbps = 1,000 Kbps) the software cannot run reliably and you may need to call your provider. 
  • Try a WIFI extender or hardwiring your internet.