How incorrect time settings cause workout gaps, incorrect time stamps and duplicated data

Data uploads according to the timestamp on the system that received it. If the PC running your Myzone software is not set to the correct time, this can lead to errors in the workout summary.

Workout uploads requires reliable internet and correct time settings for your Myzone PC. If your member's workouts are missing altogether, please see How do I Reconnect My Offline Myzone Console?

If your Myzone PC's clock is off, you (or your members) might notice: 

  • Workout summaries with large or small gaps*
  • Workout summaries from days when a member was not physically in the gym. 
  • Workouts that appear to be doubled in length or duplicated.
  • Scheduled classes launching at incorrect times.

Why would a Myzone PC not display the correct time? 

  • During installation and setup, the PC timezone was not adjusted to match your local time.
  • If the PC's internet is inconsistent, the clock may not refresh and may drift behind internet time. 
  • Daylight Savings Time occurred but the PC's did not adjust automatically. 

Check the time: The clock in your Myzone software located in the upper right corner of the TV.



If it is incorrect: 

1: Exit the Myzone software. Tap anywhere on the display to access the main menu. Scroll down and tap on UNLOCK ADMIN. Type in the admin password (owner), then on the main menu, tap EXIT MYZONEOnce you exit the Myzone software, your display will look like a Windows desktop.


2:   Right-click on the clock in the bottom right corner of your desktop. Select Adjust Date/Time.



3: Ensure Adjust for daylight saving time automatically is turned “on.”



Your console should now reflect Daylight Savings time adjustment.

4: Confirm your Time Zone is properly set.

5: Slide Set Time Automatically off, then back on to correct the time. 

6: Run a speed test: Open a browser on your Myzone PC to to run this. Your PC may experience a multitude of issues if your internet speed is 2mpbs or smaller (1 Mbps = 1,000 Kbps, so anything in the Kbps range would be too small).