Why doesn't the tile show nicknames on my Myzone dispay?

If you see NOACC on the tile, that means there is a typo in the belt ID. If you see a belt ID instead, that means the Myzone system is offline.

Typos happen. If the device ID# has been typed incorrectly into your Myzone profile, even if it is off by 1 number, it will not register properly.

Instruct members to open their Myzone app and tap the device icon in the top right corner. Tap "Add a new device" and select Myzone device. They will need to confirm that they want to replace the existing belt ID, then save changes. 


Belt ID

If you see the Belt ID# instead of  the Nickname, that means the Myzone system is OFFLINE and unable to pull account information on to the screen and upload the workout to your account.


How Do I Fix This?

You can tell if the Myzone system is offline if there is a white cloud with red "x" in the upper left corner of the Myzone software. Click here for steps to get online.