How do I help members with Myzone belt problems?

If the problem is affecting all Myzone members, troubleshooting st arts with the Myzone PC, receiver and/or internet connection. If only one individual is struggling, it likely can be fixed with some simple device troubleshooting.

No one is receiving workout summaries

Solution: Check your internet connection. 

The belt sends data to your receiver, which then sends it to your Myzone PC. The PC sends it to member accounts via internet connection. If it is offline, data is stored in there until it is online. All data will land on member accounts safe and sound once connection is restored. This article will take you through the steps to get online again

Tiles are not showing on my Myzone display

Check your receiver connection. 

The receiver is the important link between the belts and your Myzone software and display. If it is disconnected, tiles cannot show.

Basic Belt Troubleshooting

Try these universal solutions for all belt types first. 

Snug is best

Make sure the strap is comfortably snug around your chest. It should be tight enough that it cannot shift with movement, but not uncomfortable.

It should be just below your sternum. While many people wear it with the module in the center, many find better connection with it shifted to the left side. 

Always dampen the black sensors on the back of the chest strap before use to speed up connectivity. Particular in cool, dry conditions, a little moisture goes a long way to speeding things up! 

Check your battery level

app and tap the AppBatteryIcon icon on the top banner of your app to view current charge level. If it is below 20%, charge it if you have a MZ-3 or Switch. If you have a MZ-1, it is time for a new battery. 

Keep your chest strap clean

Salt build-up on your strap can cause performance issues and shorten the life of your strap. Rinse your strap after each workout, and once a week (or every five uses), give your strap a good clean in the washing machine, then lay flat or hang to dry. See: How Do I Wash my Myzone Belt?

Also, periodically wipe around the snaps with a water and a soft cloth or swab. Avoid using rubbing alcohol or other solvents, as that can break down the components of your belt.


If these steps do not help, test the module on a different strap to determine which piece is the faulty component. We recommend keeping a fresh strap on hand for testing purposes. 

Replacing your Myzone strap

Sooner or later, just like the rest of your workout gear, your belt will need replacing. Generally speaking, you will need to replace your strap after 9-12 months of use. This is just a guide and depends on how often you wear your belt, how hard you train and whether you regularly swap it with spares.

When the time comes to say goodbye to your trusty workout companion, head to to order a new strap and keep your MEP count growing! 


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